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Next training organized at the IT (information technologies) school of State Migration Service
19-08-2019 / 18:00

Trainer Kamil Shiraliyev explained the “Cisco Routing & Switching” topic at the workshop dedicated to the network administration. Youth with...

Certificates presented to “Migration volunteers” in the Shaki Regional Migration Department
16-08-2019 / 14:30

Certificates were presented to 10 volunteers who successfully completed their activity at the Shaki Regional Migration Department. Expansion of volunteering...

Statistics of the State Migration Service for July 2019
09-08-2019 / 18:00

105.032 applications for registration upon place of stay of foreigners and stateless persons were registered by the State Migration Service...

119 foreigners detained within the measures against illegal migration
09-08-2019 / 17:00

As a result of the measures taken by the State Migration Service against illegal migration 119 foreigners were detained during...

An awareness raising event on “Fight against human trafficking” held in Yardimly district which is included to the service area of Lankaran Regional Migration Department
07-08-2019 / 17:00

In his opening speech I Deputy head of the Yardimly District Executive Authority Azar Khamiyev touched upon measures taken in...

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