Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

SMS always approaches the privacy and security of users' personal data seriously. Our privacy policy supports that personal data obtained from users of the Webpage is never disclosed to third parties.

  1. Data collection

SMS obtains various data from the following sources:

  • online application forms;
  • subscription to the website, online contacts;
  • regional migration departments.

Furthermore, we record the IP address of your computer, retrieve and store information about the pages you visit and your device (device name, model, operating system).

  1. Use of data

We use the information obtained for the following purposes:

  • to answer questions asked by the user;
  • to send updates to the user about the SMS activities.

In addition, the obtained information is used in analytics for webpage management and development.

  1. Device permissions for viewing

Depending on the user's mobile device, SMS may require certain permissions, as described below in the "Regional Migration Departments" section. By default, this permission should be given by the user. The permission can be canceled by the user at any time. If the user gives the following permission, the relevant information can be processed by SMS:

  • Precise location.
  1. Links

You can find links to other webpages and sources on the SMS webpage. We would like to inform you that we are not responsible for the privacy of these webpages and we recommend you to read the privacy policies before visiting other pages. These rules apply only to the information collected on our webpage.

  1. Privacy and personal data

While using the webpage your personal data is transmitted to the service provider. By using the SMS webpage, you agree to the collection and processing of your data. Personal data and contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) provided by citizens within the use of the webpage's services are not transferred to third parties.

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