The “Migration School” project, initiated by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SMS) since November 2018, aims to increase the knowledge of young people in the sphere of migration who will work in various fields in the future, to arouse their interest in this sphere, to instill professional skills, as well as to inform them about public administration.  

Within the framework of the “Migration School” project, participants get familiarized with migration processes, management of migration flows, formation of migration policy and approaches to different categories of migrants.

One of the main goals of the program is to study the social, political and economic effects of migration on society, as well as to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of stakeholders in this field through awareness of international trends and challenges and to support migration research, as well.

The 6 months` “Migration School” project provides training in various areas of migration. The selected participants gain general information on migration, management at the international level, the experience of the Republic of Azerbaijan in this field, as well as theoretical knowledge of the legal and institutional framework. During the program, participants get acquainted with the work of the relevant structural units of the SMS, as well as participate in other trainings and events organized by the SMS and its international partners. At the end of the program, successfully completed the training participants are awarded with certificates. 

The program has been designed for those who are studying or have just completed higher education in law, political science, international relations, regional studies, oriental studies, public administration and sociology.

The trainings are held by the SMS staff in relevant fields, representatives of the “Migration School” project partners, local and international trainers, as well as representatives of international and non-governmental organizations.  

The selection of participants consists of two stages. In the first stage, the information in the relevant registration form is written and submitted. Short-listed individuals are interviewed. The main criteria for selection are worldview, logical thinking and knowledge of foreign languages.

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