Meeting with the delegation headed by William Swing, Director General of International Organization for Migration was held at State Migration Service  


On September 2, chief of the State Migration Service, II rank state migration service counselor Firudin Nabiyev met with the delegation headed by William Swing, Director General of International Organization for Migration who was paying an official visit to our country. It should be noted that, meeting with progress gained in Azerbaijan on migration management sphereand government’s efforts in this regard, as well as holding discussions on perspectives of expansion of cooperation between Azerbaijan and IOM were purpose of visit. Greeting guests, Service chief  F. Nabiyev gave broad information about current situation of migration processes in Azerbaijan. Service chief brought to the attention of guestscurrent migration problems that our country facedin the beginnings of 90s of the last century and its reasons,occupation as a result of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan,as well as refugee and IDP situation of more than 1 million people over 20 years as a result of this. He stated that, inrecent years rapid development of Azerbaijan under the leadership of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has increased foreigners’ interest to our republic. F. Nabiyev broadly spoke about activity directions and works done by Service which was established with relevant Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2007. The wealthand simplicity of national migration legislation of Azerbaijan and its accordance with international practice created great impression on guests.Talking on adoption of Migration Code, amendments and addendums recently made to Code, Service chief also drew attention to successful results of mutual cooperation with international organizations. He stressed the effectiveness of relations with International Organization for Migration, as well as its representation in Azerbaijan. Service condition established in Service, activity of Unified Migration Information System, provision of transparency in the work of recruitment of employees caused interest of guests.

Director General of International Organization for Migration William Swing shared his great impressions with participants about things that he saw in Azerbaijan and information got on activity of State Migration Service. Change of opinion was carried outon several issues at the meeting. Mr. Swing noted that migration management model established in Azerbaijan amazed him and this practice can be example for other countries. Stressing that Azerbaijan isa tolerant country he mentioned that, works done in the field of protection rights of foreigners are estimable. The guest emphasized IOM can always give support to Azerbaijan on readmission sphere, especially signing readmission agreements with third countries. Noting that implementation of project on voluntarily return will be launched soon, he mentioned that they are ready for assistance in this field too. W. Swing noted that citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who forced to leave their homeland as a result of conflict and currently living in foreign countrieswere assisted by IOM at all times.  He stressed the necessity of extending and improving cooperation between International Organization for Migration and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Guests got acquainted with Heydar Aliyev Museum of the Service and then W.Swing wrote his heartfelt words in the Guest book.

During the visit, guests closely familiarized with activityof Detention Center for Illegal Migrants of Service. Broad information about current situation in the Center was given to them. Mr.Swing talked with foreigners who were placed there. During the conversation, foreigners noted that they are provided with free meal 3 times in a day, necessary clothes and proper items, as well as treated with care and attention.Stating that Center meets international standards, Mr. Swing expressed his satisfaction for special attention to migration field in Azerbaijan, created situation in Service, proficiency of employees. He estimated Azerbaijan’s practice as an example for relevant agencies of other states and recommended to learn.


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