Event dedicated to the memory of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev was held at the State Migration Service

The memory of Great Leader was recalled with respect and flowers were laid in front of his monument at HeydarAliyev Museum of the State Migration Service. Chief of the Service, III rank state migration service counselor FirudinNabiyev mentioned that achievements gained by the Republic of Azerbaijan during last decades are directly linked with the activities of Great Leader HeydarAliyev. In 1993, returning to political power National Leader rescuedthe Azerbaijan people from misfortunes, problems that were faced and created reliable guarantee for progressive reforms in all spheres of public life.Development strategy of our country determined by the prominent politician and statesman HeydarAliyev and today as a result of successful continuation of this policy by Commander – in – chief, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyev, our republic becomes one of the most developing and modernizing country of the world and a leader state of the region. It is the result of all this matters that there is a great interest to our country in the world and the number of migrants visiting Azerbaijan increases year by year.

FirudinNabiyev evaluated the establishment of State Migration Service for implementation of migration policy of the government and management of migration processes, as well as, creating service condition on high – level as a display of Great Leader’s construction of law – governed state which is successfully proceeding and developing by the President IlhamAliyev.

The commemoration ceremony was continued at the assembly hall of the State Migration Service. Speech on life and activity of Great Leader HeydarAliyev was listened.At the end participants of ceremony watched the film “Professional” of director VaqifMustafayev.

It should be recalled that a group of employees of the State Migration Service were at the HeydarAliyev Center. Getting acquainted with eye – catching Center, which fascinates guests with its wealth and gives special mysterious beauty to our capital with its architecture, as well as, visit to the museum which reflects Great Leader’s life and activity impressed every employee of the State Migration Service.

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