Meeting with representatives of hotels functioning in the country was held at State Migration Service

Representatives of more than 60 hotels functioning in Baku city participated in the meeting jointly organized with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Information on the procedures for registration of foreigners and stateless persons, arriving in our country, upon place of stay within 3 days after their arrival in the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the requirements of Migration Code, was brought to attention at the meeting.

It was noted that according to the legislation the receiving party of a foreigner or stateless person - administration of  hotel, sanatorium, rest home, boarding house, camping, tourist base, hospital or any such public places or owner of the apartment or other residential area should submit application form on foreigner’s registration upon place of stay and copy of his/her passport or other border crossing document to the relevant regional migration department via official webpage of SMS, mail, e-mail or in person. Foreigners and stateless persons can apply themselves for registration upon place of stay in a way envisaged by Migration Code.

During the meeting such an idea was emphasized that administration of the hotels chosen by foreign guest, particularly by tourists for staying, should attach more responsibility for their registration upon place of stay in a way envisaged by legislation. At the end questions interesting the representatives of the hotels were answered.

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