Event on the occasion of 91th anniversary of prominent scientist-ophthalmologist, academician Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva at the State migration Service on April 28

Event participants firstly visited grave of the eminent scientist-ophthalmologist, academician Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva in Honorary Avenue, commemorated her blessed memory, laid fresh flowers in front of her monument.

Later on ceremony dedicated to the 91th anniversary of Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva was held at the State Migration Service. Opening the ceremony Deputy chief of the Service, III rank state migration service counselor Mr. Parviz Musayev talked about meaningful life of eminent ophthalmologist Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva. Her humane qualities, simplicity, sincerity, contribution to ophthalmology were stressed and it was noted that she gave the light to the eyes of a lot of people. Her exemplary place in Azerbaijani society as spouse, devoted friend and reliable partner of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, was brought to the attention.

Lecture on life and activity of prominent scientist-ophthalmologist, academician Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva by department chief of the State Migration Service, migration service counselor Vafa Asadova was listened.

Chief of the medical center of the Service, I rank migration service employee Nigar Huseynova stated that the memory of Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva who said “Only those are real doctors that feel patients’ pains as their own” is honoured by every health worker.

Making a speech at the ceremony Member of Parliament Malahat Ibrahimgizi noted that in spite of all these titles Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva gained sympathy of the people with her simplicity and sincerity, and is a model and shining example of Azerbaijani woman. Remembering her awards the speaker emphasized that the most glorious of these titles is being a great person and careful mother.

At the end event participants watched the film “About true love” by Vagif Mustafayev.

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