State Migration Service successfully completed the year of 2014

A meeting dedicated to the results of 2014 was held at the State Migration Service on January 17.

Chief of the State Migration Service, III rank state migration counselor Firudin Nabiyev made a speech with report at the conference held with the participation of heads of structural units and subordinating bodies of the Service. He drew attention to the achievements in the country attained under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, in accordance with the development strategy founded by National Leader Heydar Aliyev. He specially emphasized that measures taken in the last year towards improvement of migration legislation and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on rewarding Service employees, as well as construction of new administrative building for SMS were met with great enthusiasm by the Service staff. He stated that in general the year of 2014 was one of the most successful years for our republic in terms of steady socio-political stability which is formed on economic growth, increase of influence of Azerbaijan in international community, expansion of relations with foreign countries.

Azerbaijan, an attractive country for foreigners, has turned into country of transit and destination from country of origin in terms of migration in recent years. Registration of entry of 2.269.015 foreigners and stateless persons to the country in border crossing points of our republic last year is an obvious example of mentioned opinion. 823.620 of them were registered upon place of stay relevant to their staying period in the country. Growth in the number of applications for registration was appreciated as the result of public awareness activities.

F.Nabiyev underlined that during the reporting period 91.003 applications on extension of temporary staying period in the country, granting temporary and permanent residence permits, adoption, revocation and restoration of citizenship, as well as determination of citizenship and refugee status, issuing work permits for carrying out labour activity and extending validity period of existing work permits were received from foreigners and stateless persons by the Service.Each application was investigated in accordance with the requirements of legislation and relevant decisions were made. 51.366 foreigners and stateless persons and their children under the age of 18 immigrating with them were granted permissions for temporary residence and 1.859 persons were granted permissions for permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan, temporary staying period of 755 persons was extended.

Last year 37.608 cases of infringementof requirements of administrative legislation by foreigners and stateless persons were revealed for not observing rules of stay, temporary and permanent residence, as well as residence with invalid documents in the territory of the country. Among them 3.306 persons` residence in the country was legalized; decisions were made on 27.683 persons to leave the territory of the country and 6.431persons were removed in an administrative order from the territory of the country.

During the reporting period 12.000 foreigners were granted work permits by State Migration Service to carry out paid labour activity. As a body implementing state control over observation of rules which regulate the use of foreign labour force, 257 inspections were carried out in entrepreneurial subjects, administrative violations were revealed in 164 of the man dexpulsion of 2543 foreigners from the territory of the country for engaging in illegal labour activity was ensured.

F.Nabiyev stated that as in previous years, several efficient measures have been taken in 2014 as well inorder to establish the rules based on objective criteria on significant issues such as correct organization and improvement of staff management, recruitment and appointment of personnel, their promotion, assessment of their activities and to increase adherence to principles, to re-staff personnel corps constantly due to decent young experts via implementation of recruitment to migration bodies based on transparent procedures, to create conditions able to provide their vocational trainingat the level of modern requirements. Last year 98 persons including the candidates who successfully passed test exams organized transparently jointly by State Migration Service and State Students Admission Commission were recruited to migration bodies taking into consideration general knowledge levels, personal qualifications and organizational abilities, 34 employees who were positively characterized for service activities were promoted to positions with higher classification, labour of 132 employees who achieved good results were distinguished.

Service chief F.Nabiyev mentioned that at the conference of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socio-economic development of 2014 and duties put forward, President Ilham Aliyev gave concrete directions for ensuring socio-economic development of our republic, protecting our country from influences of current situation in the world in 2015. F.Nabiyev stated that State Migration Service has got serious tasks for regulating these important issues. He assigned tasks on timely and professionally fulfilling duties put forward by the legislation. He expressed his assurance that State Migration Service is determined to fulfil duties and tasks such as contribution to development of economy of the country, protection of security of our state and internal labour market with great professionalism in 2015, as well.

Relevant decisions on discussed issues were made atthe conference.


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