Commemoration ceremony related to the 25th anniversary of 20 January tragedy was held at State Migration Service

A photo and book exhibition reflecting the scale and horrors of 20 January tragedy was organized at the State Migration Service. The exhibition, aimed at creating clear and objective understanding on the tragedy for foreigners and stateless persons, aroused interest of visitors.

At the ceremony one minute`s silence was observed in remembrance of heroic sons and daughters of Homeland who sacrificed their life in the name of independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Deputy chief of the State Migration Service, III rank state migration service counselor Parviz Musayev spoke about bloody crimes committed in January 1990 by army units of Soviet empire against peaceful population. He stated that Azerbaijani people rose up as a protest against deportation of 250 thousand compatriots from their historic homelands in Armenia at the end of 80s of the last century and the policy of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan, unjust and biased stand, treacherous acts of former USSR government who was at one with Armenians, the development of events in dangerous direction.In order to suppress national liberation movement, to break faith and will of the nation, humiliate its national pride, Soviet government led troops to Baku on the night from January 19 to 20, unarmed inhabitants were inflected, 147 persons were killed, and more than 700 persons were wounded.

P.Musayev noted that tragedy of January 20 which has been forever stamped on our memory is at the same time a heroism page of our history, as well.

Historic significance of National Leader Heydar Aliyev`s peculiar brave and determined speech at the press conference held at the permanent representation of our republic in Moscow was discussed at the event. Steps taken by President IlhamAliyev towards immortalization of martyrs` memory, as well as his attention and care for martyrs` families were mentioned.

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