Round table on “Azerbaijan statehood and migration policy” was held at the State Migration Service

The State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic continues series of events according to approved action plan related with 20th restoration anniversary of state independence of Azerbaijan Republic.

Round Table on “Azerbaijan statehood and migration policy” was held at the administrative building of the Service on October 1, 2011.

Representatives from Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Border Service, Ministry of Labor and Peoples’ Social Protection of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku office of International Migration Organization, Azerbaijan Migration Center Social Union and managerial staff of the State Migration Service participated at the event.

Chief of the State Migration Service, II rank state migration service counselor, Arzu Rahimov stated that according to the Order on “20th restoration anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan” signed by President Ilham Aliyev on January 21, 2011 this historical event is celebrated solemnly at state level.

Arzu Rahimov notified that past 20 years since the restoration of state independence were complex, hard, at the same time the most glorious period of Azerbaijan history. The Service chief mentioned irreplaceable historical role of the architect and founder of modern Azerbaijan, great leader Heydar Aliyev in consolidation, provision of eternity and steadiness of state independence and stressed that great leader’s ideas and wishes are carried out successfully by President Ilham Aliyev.

He stated that on August 30, 1991 declaration on restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan was adopted at special session of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic summoned by the request of the people and Constitutional Act on “Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was adopted on October 18 of the same year.

Arzu Rahimov noted that after Azerbaijan gained its independence first steps in the direction of migration management had been taken only after great leader Heydar Aliyev’s coming to power. Heydar Aliyev took practical measures in management of internal and foreign migration processes.

It was specially emphasized that President Ilham Aliyev had provided implementation of complex measures in the sphere of regulation of migration processes with unified state policy in recent years. In 2004 Concept of Migration Management Policy was prepared and in July 2006 Presidential Order on “Approval of the State Migration Program of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was signed by the head of state as one of the first significant steps in this direction. Establishment of the special state body to carry out unified state policy in migration field emerged as objective necessity on the basis of the State Program. President Ilham Aliyev taking into account this necessity signed Decree on establishment of the State Migration Service on March 19, 2007.

Mentioning that a lot of important works had been done and Azerbaijan had turned into an attractive country for foreign citizens since the establishment of the Service, A. Rahimov stated that the number of foreign citizens coming to Azerbaijan increased day-by-day: “During more than past 4 years the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic as central executive power has carried out priority duties and tasks successfully owing to special attention and care of President Ilham Aliyev. Today the State Migration Service carries out control over the observation of requirements of Azerbaijan Republic’s legislation by foreigners temporarily staying, as well as, temporarily and permanently living on the territory of the country, takes appropriate measures for expulsion of foreigners violating requirements of existing legislation from the territory of the country. Special attention and head of our state Ilham Aliyev’s care to the operation of migration bodies transparently and organization of its work in compliance with modern demands are always met by employees of the Service with the feeling of gratitude.”

Other speakers drew attention to great leader Heydar Aliyev’s unexampled service for preservation of independence and development of our country, as well as, works done by his worthy follower President Ilham Aliyev, touched important spheres in regulation of migration processes. 

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