Opening ceremony of Khachmaz Regional Department of the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic

Opening ceremony of new administrative building constructed for Regional Department of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held in Khachmaz region on June 11, 2010. Service Chief, 2nd rank state migration service counselor Mr.Arzu Rahimov, Head of Khachmaz region Executive Power as well as chiefs of the law enforcement agencies of the region, Service employees, representatives of community and mass media participated at the ceremony.


Firstly, the ceremony participants laid the fresh flowers in front of the monument of Great National Leader Heydar Aliyev erected at the central square of the region and paid homage to the Genius Person.


Head of the Khachmaz region Executive Power Mr. Shamsaddin Khanbabayev congratulated Service employees on the occasion of opening of new administrative building and wish them success at their future activity.


State Migration Service Chief Mr. Arzu Rahimov mentioned at his speech that, as a result of successful farsighted policy started by Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and continuing by President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan has become the only leading country in the region.


Recent years, rapid social-economical development, expansion of the international communications in the area of power engineering and transport, at the same time, geopolitical position of Azerbaijan Republic has become the cause for the increase of migration flow, and this makes necessary the implementation of migration policy corresponded to national interests from the point of ensure of development and security of the country, improvement and development of migration management system. 


Service Chief Mr. A.Rahimov expressing his thankfulness to President Ilham Aliyev for special care and attention paid to the improvement of the State Migration Service activity, emphasized that, for the purpose of to provide the comfortableness of the persons applying to the State Migration Service and not to overcome a great distance from the regions in order to apply as well as to extend activity of the service organizational work on the regional departments is successfully continued. Mr. Arzu Rahimov drawing participants’ attention to the functioning of 4 regional departments – Baku, Yevlakh, Shirvan and Lankaran departments noted that nowadays other regional departments and detention centers for illegal migrants in other regions are under construction.


At the end of his speech Service Chief congratulated all Service staff and inhabitants on the occasion of important day that would be written to the history of the State Migration Service. Then Mr. A.Rahimov stressed his hope that, Khachmaz regional department as a branch of the State Migration Service will fulfill all tasks and responsibilities in time. 

After cutting the symbolic ribbon the ceremony participants acquainted with the administrative building of Khachmaz regional department of the State Migration Service and work conditions provided there.

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