Official statistics of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan for May 2015  


Relevant measures towards implementation of state policy in migration sphere, strengthening state control over migration processes, management and regulation of migration processes, as well as prevention of illegal migration have been conducted by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan during May of 2015.

During the month 2254 cases concerning infringement of requirements of administrative legislation by foreigners and stateless persons without observing rules of stay, temporary and permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan have been revealed.Lost documents of 15 foreigners for temporary or permanent residence were replaced with new ones. 166 of them were fined and their residence in the country was legalized. Decisions were made on 1707 foreigners to leave the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 48 hours and on 366 foreigners to be removed in administrative order from the country.

In total during the month 8022 applications on extension of temporary staying period, granting temporary and permanent residence permissions, adoption, revocation and restoration of citizenship, as well as determination of citizenship and refugee status, issuing work permits for carrying out labour activity and extending period of existing work permits were received from foreigners and stateless persons by the State Migration Service. Each application was investigated in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant decisions were made.

50246 applications by foreigners upon registration on place of stay were received during the last month. 

In addition inspections were carried out by Service employees in 13 entrepreneurial subjects functioning within the territory of the country in order to reveal and prevent cases of involvement of foreigners and stateless persons in paid labour activity without obtaining work permit by employers. As a result of carried out inspections infringement of rules of obtaining work permits for carrying out paid labour activity in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan was revealed in 12 entrepreneurial subjects.

Furthermore, during May public awareness measures are continued by the regional migration departments of SMS in the direction of revealing illegal migrants in various regions of Azerbaijan, of legalizing and documenting their stay and residence in the territory of the republic. Meetings were held with 84 persons from 46 families who resided in Guba and Khachmaz regions illegaly.

At the meeting held in Sabirabad region with the participation of 80 school principals explanatory talks were conducted on regulation of migration processes, amendments and addendums to Migration Code, especially on necessity of ensuring legal residence of foreign students in the country.


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