State Migration Service has organized meetings with foreign and stateless students of higher educational establishments for the purpose of enlightenment


On the eve of 8th anniversary of the establishment of the State Migration Service new projects were started connected with the enlightenment of foreigners and stateless persons in our Republic.

It was dealt with the innovations related to the migration legislation of Azerbaijan Republic in the meeting organized in the University of Slavic languages with the foreign students with the participation of  authorized employees   of the  Service.  Foreign students from the various States of the world were explained simplified procedures in the fields regulated by the relevant juridical documents. They were informedon the latest changes to the migration legislation on the initiative of the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.  It was stressed that the extension of the registration  period of foreigners and stateless persons upon the place of stay  up to ten days is the indicator of the humanist essence  of Azerbaijan.

Also in public awareness event held with the participation of more than 200 foreign students in the University of Architecture and Construction an attention was directed  to the measures undertaken in the direction of  regulating migration processes and state policy in the field of migration in Azerbaijan. A comprehensive  information was given on the rules of issuance of permits on temporary stay, temporary and permanent residence and work permits for involvement  in paid labor activity.

It was noted that recent years  the paletteof those who migrate to Azerbaijan is  rich enough. They come to our Republic on various purposes, for example as a tourist, to get an education, for labor activity, for temporary or permanent residence etc. It`s the duty of anyone to study the migration rules, to conform them and respect the traditions of the country the one arrives in.

Explanatory talks on the rights and duties of foreigners and stateless persons, registration upon the place of stay, the bases and periods of residence in the territory of the countryand at the same time the innovations in the field of application of other  intended relevant norms  were  met with interest by the participants of the meeting  Their questions were answered in the meeting.

Public awareness events are continued in various higher educationalestablishments, in separate settlements of the regions covered by regional migration offices. It should be mentioned that the organization of the mutual meeting with the Ministry of Education and State Students Admission Commissionis also planned   for the purpose of holding enlightening discussions to ensure the residence on legal bases of foreign pupils getting education at schools.


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