State Migration Service organized meetings in Baku and Ganja within the framework of public awareness events

On the eve of the 8th anniversary of the establishment of State Migration Service events related to informing and enlightening the public and also foreigners and stateless persons on the innovations in migration legislation are continued.

In the meeting held in Azerbaijan Medical University attention was drawn to rapid development of Azerbaijan which recently gained great successes. It was touched upon dynamics of growth in number of those who wish to visit, reside, work, study and become citizen of Azerbaijan. Activities carried out related to regulation of migration processes in legal state of Azerbaijan were dealt with. It was noted that, according to legislation, foreigners or stateless persons who wish to stay in our countrymore than 10 days shouldget registered upon place of stay and no state fee is paid for it. Foreigners or stateless persons bear administrative liability in case of not getting registered. Comprehensive information was also given on legal bases of involving foreigners or stateless persons in paid labour activity in our Republic.

In the meeting held in Ganja State University the activities carried out for the purpose of intensifying control in the sphere of management of migration processes and preventing illegal migration was talked about.It was mentioned that, the number of electronic services rendered through “Electronic Government” portals has reached 10.

İmprovement of legislation year by year in the sphere of migration, simplification of relevant procedures in spheres regulated by legal documents was talked about. According to Migration Code, permit for temporary residence issued for 1 year can be extended each time for the period not exceeding 2 years.Besides, for foreigners or stateless persons studying at high and higher educational establishmentsstate feefor issuance of permission for temporary residence in our country and extension of period is determined on different-privileged principles according to “Law on state fee”.

Comprehensive explanatory works carried out were met with interest by foreign scientists working and foreign students studying in our country.  At the end questions were answered.

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