The State Migration Service continues public awareness events


According to the action plan, public awareness events for the foreigners and stateless persons are continued in our Republic on the eve of the 8th anniversary of the establishment of the State Migration Service.

In the meeting held in Caucasus University with the foreign scientists working and foreign students studying in the Republic of Azerbaijan comprehensive explanatory works were carried out for the purpose of informing and enlightening about the requirements of the existing legislative acts in the sphere of migration. It was dealt with the steps made for the purpose of alignment of the national law with the international practice, at the same time the simplification of the existing administrative procedures, improvement of the served contingent`s satisfaction as well as foreigners and stateless persons and with the additions and amendments made to the migration legislation. According to the amendments made to the Migration Code, the issuance of relevant notification leaflets to foreigners and stateless persons  in Azeri, Russian  and English languages about the registration upon the place of stay in state border checkpoints was mentioned as an example of the innovations.

In the meeting held in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, where the majority of foreign students study and which has the historical tradition, was talked about the successes our country  achieved as a result of  considered and far-sighted policy of the president  Ilham Aliyev based on development strategy of our  national-  leader  Heydar Aliyev and about the  development of oil industry and non-oil sector. An information was given about the impact of these achievements on migration processes. 

According to the Migration Code regulation of registration of foreigners and stateless persons upon the place of stay, of the grounds and periods of their temporary and permanent residence, improvement of registration system of foreign citizens and stateless persons, the criteria determined for adoption, restoration of the citizenship of Azerbaijan Republic were met with interest by the participants of the meeting.  An attention was drawn to the enhancement of responsibility for the violation of the migration legislation.

At the end questions that interested the participants of the meeting were answered.


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