Memory of the victims of Khojaly genocide was commemorated at the State Migration Service

Photo and book exhibition dedicated to Khojaly tragedy which has a few analogues in the world history for its scale and horrors was opened in the administrative building of the State Migration Service.

Ceremonies on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Khojaly genocide were organized at the Service and regional migration departments.

Memory of the victims of  Khojaly genocide was revered with one minute’s silence at the event the ceremony held at State Migration Service.

Deputy chief of the State Migration Service, III rank state migration service counselor Elman  Aliyev who made a speech in the event called Khojaly tragedy a massacre against humanity and said that it was an act of genocide. He notified that Armenian terrorists completely destroyed Khojaly city with the help of 366th regiment which was dislocated in Khankendi at that time and committed genocide against Azerbaijanis. The activities realized in the direction of bringing the real truth about the genocide to the attention of world community were stressed at the event.It was specially emphasized that the activities carried out by President Ilham Aliyev in the direction of elimination of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan and strengthening the positions of our republic in information warfare are yielding results. Today serious actions are taken by Azerbaijan government, our citizens and compatriots residing abroad in the direction of informing world community about realities of Khojaly tragedy and introducing it as a real act of genocide. As an example, measures taken in the framework of “Justice for Khojaly” campaign, actions held in different countries of the world by our youth, sending information on Khojaly tragedy to leading organizations and international agencies should be commended. Generally, Azerbaijan managed to inform the world about the real truth on Khojaly genocide and even adoption of relevant legal documents in parliaments of several countries.

At the end of the event documentary film on Khojaly genocide was demonstrated.

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