State Migration Service Chief received the head of the UNHCR office in Azerbaijan

State Migration Service Chief Mr. Arzu Rahimov received the head of  UNHCR office in Azerbaijan, Arun Sala-Ngarm on February 9, 2010.

After warm welcome Mr. Rahimov expressed his thankfulness for the bilateral relations between State Migration Service and UNHCR office in Azerbaijan. Service Chief also notified his assurance from the benefits of hold meetings for both sides.

At the meeting Mr. Arzu Rahimov gave information about measures taken by the State Migration Service in the direction of determination of refugee status and moved a motion of mutual exchange of information in the concerned sphere. 

Arun Sala-Ngarm thanked Service Chief for warm welcome. The guest also said that it was intended to develop bilateral cooperation between State Migration Service and UNHCR office in Azerbaijan headed by him, as well as, to continue activity in the direction of specialist trainings and exchange of experience.

Then discussions between both sides were carried out.

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