Public awareness events related to innovations in the sphere of migration give its positive results

Meetings in the direction of informing and enlightening the public, entrepreneurs, foreigners and stateless persons about innovations in migration sphere in our country are continued.

In theconference  organized by State Migration Service together with Imishli Executive Authority an attention was drawn to flow of foreign migrants not only to the capital of Azerbaijan, but also to regions, as a result of rapid socio-economic growth in our country under the leadership of president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Head of the Executive Authority Vilyam Hajiyev talked about construction works carried out in Imishli, mentioned steps made towards the development of agriculture and establishment of new industrial enterprises. He touched upon the interest of foreign investors in non-oil sector in our country. To this end activities carried out by State Migration Service related to management and regulation of migration processes in the Republic of Azerbaijan were appraised. Study of international practice and formation of absolutelegislation in this sphere was noted. It was mentioned that, continuous and large scale public awareness events bear its fruits in drawing attention to these innovations.

Senior migration service counselor Siyasat Aliyev talked in detail about the latest changes made to Migration Code. He explained protection of rights and freedoms of each foreigner coming to our country and legalizing his/her stay and residence with concrete facts. He noted that serious measures of combating against illegal migration are undertaken. In the meeting information was also given aboutmeasures of combating undertaken regularly in order to reveal and preventcases of involvementofforeigners or stateless persons in paid labor activity without obtaining work permit by employers.

With attention and care of the head of state establishment of high service conditions not only in the administrative building of Service, but also in regional migration departments workingwith their full potential was emphasized with gratitude.

In the meeting held in the administrative building of State Migration Service with representatives of the Ministry of Education and State Students Admission Commission issues related to legalizing residence of foreign pupils studying at schools of the Republic of Azerbaijan were discussed. The importance of carrying out together relevant activities in this direction and necessity of participation of school directors in this process was grounded.

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