International Migrants Day - 18 December

The ceremony dedicated to the International Migrants Day was held at State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 18, 2009.


Giving information Mr. Arzu Rahimov mentioned that, December 18, 1990 the date of adoption of International Convention on the “Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Their Family Members” was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on December 4 2000 as International Migrants Day. From that day in several countries of the world both governmental and nongovernmental organizations celebrate on December18, as International Migrants Day. International Convention on the “Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Family Members” was ratified by the Parliament (Milli Majlis) on December 11, 1998 with the Law number 581-IQ.


The successful economical and political reforms pursued by President Mr. Ilham Aliyev resulted with the rise of living standards, development in all spheres of Azerbaijan economy and increase in the number of foreigners arriving in the country.


Implementation of state policy in sphere of migration, improvement of legislation corresponding to international norms and demands of modern period, liquidation of the negative affects of irregular migration, formation of stable socio-economical development of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the priorities of the State Migration Service. Efficient use of labour resources, proportionate settlement of people in the territory of the country, use of intellectual and labour potential of the migrants, preventing illegal migration including human trafficking occupies the first place among these duties.  


For the strengthening state control over the migration processes, several necessary normative legal acts accepted, institutional, and organizational measures implemented, electron information resources established in order to improve the services implemented in the sphere of foreigners’ and stateless persons’ arrival/departure, registration by the place of residence during last year.


Chief of the Service Mr. A. Rahimov mentioned that, 2009 year would be kept in the memory of State Migration Service with several important events. Order on provision of Unique Migration Information System activity dated 6 March 2009, Decrees on application of “Single Window” principle in the activity of State Migration Service dated 4 March 2009 and granting “Law Enforcement Body” status dated 8 April 2009, approval of “Regulation on the Serving at the Migration Bodies” by the Parliament (Milli Majlis), also relevant changes and amendments to the legislation are indications of President’s care state to the State Migration Service.


Chief of Service also noted that one of the main factors in the improvement of migration management mechanism is the implementation of “Single Window” principle from the July 1, 2009.  The main goal of this principle is granting relevant permissions to the foreigners and stateless persons for legal residence and engaging in labour activity, simplification of registration procedures by the place of residence and provision of transparency in this sphere. Because of complicated procedures in registration and receiving relevant permissions foreigners and stateless persons had to apply to the different state authorities till July 1, 2009. Now they only have to apply to one address – State Migration Service.


During 11 months of the current year, 40 thousand people have applied to the State Migration Service and their applications have been investigated and relevant decisions accepted within the legislation.


According to the Azerbaijan Constitution foreigners and stateless persons have the right to arrive, reside and work in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Each right and freedom of foreigners and stateless persons is protected by according relevant normative legal acts.


The Chief of the Service noted that, for providing of comfortableness and not overcoming far distance of foreigners and stateless persons, especially keeping migration processes under control works on provision of whole activity of regional departments are underway. He emphasized two regional departments of SMS – Shirvan and Yevlakh departments began their activities on October last year and Lankaran regional department on November 2009. Mr. Rahimov noted that other regional departments and detention centers would begin their activities in the near future.


At the end of the ceremony the questions interested Mass Media members were answered.


Representatives of the Ministries of Interior, Labour and Social Protection of Population and the Azerbaijan Migration Center social association participated at the ceremony.

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