Event held at the State Migration Service within the framework of “Children's Rights Month”.

In order to effectively protect and promote children's rights, an event dedicated to the topic "Children's rights" has been organized at the State Migration Service in the framework of October 20 - November 20 "Children's Rights Month".

Welcoming the participants of the event, Vahid Gahramanov, the head of the Migration policy and legal support head department of the Service, brought to the attention of the Service employees the rights and freedoms of children arising from the Convention on the Child’s Rights, the requirements of the country's legislation in this field and shared his views on the possible mechanisms for the protection of children’s rights in vulnerable status within the scope of the powers of the State Migration Service as well.

Head of the Sector Turan Jahangirova, who drew attention to the activities carried out by the Ombudsman's headquarters within the framework of "Children's Rights Month", spoke about the attention and care shown by our state for children. She noted that the issues related to foreign children always is kept in mind by the Ombudsman office. In this direction, she pointed out that the events traditionally held in our Republic are an important contribution to the safe, psychological and emotional growth of children who are our future.

Participants’ questions of the event were answered at the end.