The next meeting of the Public Council under the State Migration Service held

The first meeting of the Public Council for 2022 has been held in the administrative building of the Baku Regional Migration Department of the State Migration Service. At the meeting there was an exchange of views on the action plan for the current year and the current situation, daily work and accountability of the working groups under the Public Council, as well as discussion on the measures to be implemented in the first six months of this year.

Opening the event, Chairman of the Public Council Azar Allahveranov underlined that in the last quarter about a hundred migrants who applied to the members of the Council were given the necessary legal advice, as well as information support was provided to those in need.  It was noted that the working groups operating under the Public Council in the second half of last year mainly fulfilled their duties. Drawing attention to the results of the analysis of incoming applications, A. Allahveranov stressed that these issues create new challenges for the Public Council. As a result, the proposals received from the working groups were summarized in the action plan for 2022. This year, members of the Public Council, interested in a more conceptual and systematic implementation of public control, approved an action plan and put forward a number of proposals for new areas of activity.

Touching upon the issues discussed at the meeting, Deputy Chief of the Migration Policy and Legal Support Head Department of the State Migration Service Kayan Hajiyev noted the importance of the implementation of measures planned by the Public Council in accordance with the action plan. The official of the Service said that the necessary organizational and technical support will be provided to the activities to be carried out by the Council.