SMS employees visited the "Victory" fair dedicated to the victory of our Army

On the occasion of the Victory Day SMS employees have got familiarized with a number of weapons, equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the armament of the Azerbaijani Army, as well as locally produced "Iti Govan" UAV, "Istiglal", "Yalguzag" sniper rifles and other weapons, engineering equipment, as well as various types of equipment at the "Victory Fair" organized by the "YASHAT" Foundation in the Seaside Boulevard. At the fair, the employees of the Service purchased foodstuffs, souvenirs with victory symbols, books and other goods sold by various companies. As part of the "Letter to the Soldier" Project, SMS employees wrote a letter to an Azerbaijani soldier guarding the Motherland. In the end, employees took a memorial photo at the fair.

It should be noted that, revenue from the "In the footsteps of Karabakh heroes" fair will be donated to the "YASHAT" Foundation to support the families of martyrs and the wounded.