Meeting with the families of martyrs and veterans held in Ganja

Employees of the Ganja Regional Migration Department have visited the family of Gafarov Zarbali Vidadi oglu, who died in the battles for Sugovushan. The memory of our martyr was commemorated, his courage and bravery in the war were talked about.

Another meeting was held in the family of senior lieutenant Khidirov Elgun Fuad oglu, who died in the battles for Fizuli district. It was noted that our martyrs who fought heroically for the Motherland are an example for future generations.

The family of the veteran of the Patriotic War, soldier Samir Aliyev Valaddin oglu, who was wounded in the battles for Fizuli district, was also visited. It was underlined that our veterans, who lost their health for the sake of the Motherland, are always in the spotlight.