Next meeting of the Working Group on “Statelessness issues” established to eliminate statelessness in the country

The next meeting of the Working Group on "Statelessness issues", coordinated by the State Migration Service, has been held.

The meeting of the Working Group was attended by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Migration Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Headquarters of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Ombudsperson), as well as the Representation of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Azerbaijan.

Opening the meeting, Rza Talibov, Chief of the Citizenship issues head department, III rank state migration service counselor informed about the objectives of the Working Group established with the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Then Elchin Mammadov, Deputy Chief of department dealing with citizenship issues within the citizenship issues head department of the State Migration Service, junior migration service counselor spoke about the work done to reduce statelessness in the country. Moreover, he noted that a section "providing information about stateless persons in the territory of the country" has been created on the official website of the State Migration Service, as well as relevant information has been posted.

Samira Allahverdiyeva, Deputy Chief of the Law Department of the Representation of UNHCR in Azerbaijan, spoke about the work done to identify stateless persons in the country, their registration and documentation, as well as increase awareness in this area. She noted the close cooperation with the State Migration Service in this area.

During the event, other members of the Working Group reported on their work within their mandate.

At the end, discussions were held on the necessary measures to eliminate statelessness, as well as to raise awareness in this area, and the measures taken by members of the Working Group in this regard was noted.