Solemn oath ceremony held for persons who have been granted Azerbaijani citizenship

Pursuant to the Decrees signed by the esteemed President Ilham Aliyev on the admission to and restoration of the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 245 persons, a solemn oath ceremony was held at the State Migration Service with those persons.

Chief of the State Migration Service, II rank state migration service counselor Vusal Huseynov congratulated the participants on this remarkable day. He noted that the legal residence status of each of these people, closely linked to Azerbaijan, is already changing. As full-pledged citizens of Azerbaijan, they will be able to take advantage of opportunities in social, economic and all other spheres. Chief of the Service also emphasized that this event is particularly important as the first oath ceremony held after the Patriotic War. The liberation of our lands from occupation through the bravery of the powerful Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev is a glorious historical event. Vusal Huseynov noted that 11 persons of those admitted and restored to citizenship were members of the families of martyrs and veterans. He stressed that 3 of them were taking part in the event. Chief of the Service expressed his gratitude to each of them for the upbringing of the heroic sons of the Motherland. Then the memory of our martyrs, who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, was honored with a minute of silence.

Later, the persons admitted and restored to citizenship in a solemn setting, standing alongside the State flag and putting their hand on the Constitution, took the oath of loyalty to the Republic of Azerbaijan in the state language. The national anthem of Azerbaijan was played.

After the event, Vusal Huseynov met with members of the families of veterans who adopted Azerbaijani citizenship and resided in the capital and personally presented them the relevant certificates. Chief of the Service regarded it as a matter of pride that their children are among the heroes who put an end to the 30-year longing of refugees and internally displaced persons from their homes. He stressed that the state always pays great attention and care to the participants of the Patriotic War and the families of martyrs.

Vusal Huseynov also met with Burchell Gwendolyn Trixie, founder and director of the United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA). He congratulated her on obtaining Azerbaijani citizenship. Chief of the Service stressed the organization's important contribution to the projects implemented in Azerbaijan for many years. In turn, Burchell Gwendolyn Trixie thanked President Ilham Aliyev.

The implementation of the Decrees signed by the Head of State on admission to and restoration of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan was also carried out in the regions. The oath ceremony was organized at the regional migration offices of the SMS. Mobile services were provided to the families of martyrs and veterans.