Next training held within the "Migration School-3" Project

The next online training within the framework of the “Migration School-3” project of the State Migration Service has been conducted by Sohrab Orujov, an employee of the Main Department on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, as well as Mahir Soltanov, an employee of the Department of Border Control of the State Border Service.

In the first training on "Combating human trafficking", the participants were provided with information about the concept of human trafficking, ways to combat it, the requirements of the country's legislation in this area, the "National Action Plan on Combating trafficking in human beings in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2020-2024», as well as information on the rights of victims of human trafficking, including migrants.

In the other training on "Migrant smuggling and the fight against it" conducted by the employee of the State Border Service, participants were informed about ways to combat migrant smuggling, the difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling, the work done in this area, etc.

Another training on “Rights of foreigners and stateless persons” was conducted by Elvin Hajiyev, senior consultant of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman), and the training on "Azerbaijani Diaspora in the World" conducted by Emin Rustamov, employee of the Department of International Relations and Youth Affairs of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora.

Participants were provided with detailed information about the mandate of the Commissioner for Human Rights and its multidirectional activities in the field of human rights protection, especially the rights of foreigners and stateless persons, on the Commissioner's powers to exercise control within the requirements of the National Preventive Mechanism on Prevention of Torture (NPM) and the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On right to obtain information”.

At another training session on "Azerbaijani Diaspora in the World", information was provided on the activities carried out by the State Committee on Work with Diaspora to develop relations of Azerbaijanis living abroad with the Homeland, to protect and preserve the national identity of our compatriots, as well as more reliably protect our national interests using the potential of diaspora and expand inter-diaspora relations.

At the end of the trainings, the questions of the participants were answered.