Next trainings held within the "Migration School-3" Project

The next online training within the framework of the "Migration School-3" project of the State Migration Service has been conducted by Gunay Jafarzadeh and Elchin Huseynov, employees of the sector for Education Abroad and Work with Foreign Students of Ministry of Education, as well as Azar Orujov, employee of the Tourism Policy and Strategy Division of the State Tourism Agency.

In another training organized by the employees of the Ministry of Education on “Education opportunities for foreigners in Azerbaijan.  Education opportunities of Azerbaijani students abroad", information was provided on the rights to education of foreigners and stateless persons studying in our country, statistics of foreign students in educational institutions, scholarship programs provided by the state to foreign students, as well as the "Study in Azerbaijan" portal. In the second part of the training, the participants were informed about the possibilities for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan to study abroad and the relevant scholarship programs in this regard.

In the other training on "Development and Perspectives of Tourism in Azerbaijan” participants were informed about the relevant legislation in this area, carried out activities, relevant action plans and state programs, as well as future plans.

At the end of the trainings, the questions of the participants were answered.

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