Members of the Public Council under the State Migration Service visited Ganja and Yevlakh

During the visit, members of the Council with the participation of employees of the State Migration Service, have visited Ganja and Yevlakh Regional Migration Departments. Here, the members of the Public Council were informed about the work done to protect the rights of foreigners and stateless persons in the districts covered by the Regional Departments and their legalization in the territory of the country, e-services, regularly organized mobile services, awareness-raising measures and other activity directions.

During the visit, the participants also visited the Ganja «ASAN Service» Center, where they were informed about the organization of the general work, including the activities of the Migration sector.

The members of the Public Council got acquainted with the massifs of Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, which had suffered great destruction as a result of Armenian terror, where many people were killed and injured during the Patriotic War.