To the attention of foreigners and stateless persons staying and residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan!

According to the Decision No 9 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 16, 2021, the period of special quarantine regime has been extended until 06:00 a.m., April 01, 2021.

According to the new decision, permission through short message system for foreigners to leave their place of stay or residence is cancelled.

In this regard, foreigners and stateless persons staying/residing in the country are requested to take into account the following in connection with the activities of the State Migration Service:

  1. Receipt of applications on migration issues is carried out through "ASAN Service" centers and regional migration departments or electronically;
  2. During the application for temporary and permanent residence permits, all documents required by law (including relevant medical certificates) should be submitted;
  3. It is necessary to provide relevant medical certificates (which could not be submitted at the time of receipt of the documents) during the physically obtaining ready-made permits;
  4. The examination of knowledge of foreigners applying for a permanent residence permit, on their rights and obligations envisaged by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as on the state language, are restored (except for foreigners living in the cities and regional centers with restricted access until January 25, 2021,);
  5. Moreover, training courses on the Azerbaijani language, history, culture, as well as legislation on rights and responsibilities for foreigners wishing to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Azerbaijan are restored. Those willing to participate in online courses can call (012) 566-37-74 from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.


We would like to remind that the stay of foreigners (those who paid the relevant state fee) in the country, whose temporary staying periods (visa period or 90 days) have been extended for up to 60 days, is considered legal without any additional application and payment of state fee until the restrictions on movement at the state border are lifted.

For detailed information you can call the (012) 919 Call Center, request information via online guide on the official website of the Service, as well as via MigAz mobile application. The Call Center of the State Migration Service will continue to provide uninterrupted service during the special quarantine regime.