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To the attention of foreigners and stateless persons whose staying period in the Republic of Azerbaijan expires on May 01-31!

The State Migration Service informs foreigners and stateless persons that the current situation with their applications is regularly analysed and measures are taken to improve the activities in accordance with the requirements of the day.

Applications of foreigners, who have been registered upon place of stay within the country and whose staying period expired (and will expire) between May 01-31, and cannot leave the country due to the obvious reasons, have been considered accepted by the State Migration Service and their staying period in the Republic of Azerbaijan will be extended up to 30-60 days.

These persons can stay in the country legally by paying the state fee (corresponding to the extended period) electronically (via the Government Payment Portal, "ASAN payment" system or Expresspay terminals) after obtaining a payment number through the website of the Service (  

Decisions on extension of temporary staying period are not required to be collected in person. If necessary, these persons can obtain decisions through the website of the Service (

For detailed information you are recommended to contact the Service through Facebook and Twitter accounts or “(012) 919” Call Center operating uninterruptedly.

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