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To the attention of the youth who wish to be a migration volunteer!

Dear youth!

State Migration Service invites all energetic, skillful, patriotic, creative and initiator youth to the “Migration Volunteer” project in order to increase contacts with them, familiarize them with this field by expanding the coverage of volunteers and inform about the public management, involve them to the activity of the Service for their personal development and future career opportunities, enlarge the scope of the events organized within Migration School and as a whole to establish a systematic cooperation with volunteers.

As a team member of State Migration Service, You:

·         will obtain practical skills at State Migration Service;

·         will closely communicate with foreigners;

·         will closely follow and participate in migration processes;

·         will gain knowledge for your future career;

·         will have opportunity to participate in the international events;

·         will get acquainted with the activities of the international organizations and have opportunity to take part in this process;

·         will obtain practical skills in the foreign companies functioning in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

·         will become a member of an energetic team consisting of local and foreign youth;

       and will meet new friends.

The youth wishing to join the Migration Volunteers team can send their CVs to

For detailed information, please contact (012) 562-53-01.

Migration volunteer – you are privileged!!!


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