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State Migration Service held an awareness-raising event at the Turkish Consulate General in Ganja

The State Migration Service has held an awareness-raising event in the administrative building of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Ganja, which is included in the service area of the Ganja Regional Migration Department in order to promote migration legislation.

Turkish students studying in Ganja, Turkish entrepreneurs operating in the surrounding areas and cities, as well as employees of the consulate participated in the event.

At the awareness-raising event detailed information was provided on recent amendments to the migration legislation, electronic services rendered by the State Migration Service and the advantages of new mobile application – “MIGAZ”. It was noted that the Service attached importance to modern innovations in order to ensure the efficiency, convenience and transparency of the services rendered to citizens, foreigners and stateless persons.

Participants were also informed about the services rendered by SMS at the “Samur” and “Shikhli” checkpoints of the state border, which expanded functions of the Service.

Questions of students and businesspersons were answered at the end of the event.


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