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State Migration Service to launch a new project with “ASAN Radio”

The State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the first and only radio channel, specializing in public services – “ASAN Radio”, launch a new joint project. The program, called "Migration Service," will deliver useful information in line with the activities of the State Migration Service such as migration regulations, registration of foreigners and stateless persons upon place of stay, extensions of temporary staying period, issuance of permits, adoption and restoration of citizenship, establishment of citizenship and determination of refugee status, issuance and extension of work permits, as well as fight against illegal migration and other issues.

Along with the employees of the State Migration Service, foreigners residing in the country and migrant workers involved in labour activity will also be guests on the program.

Chief of the State Migration Service, Vusal Huseynov, as guest at ASAN Radio's “QebuldASAN” program mentioned that: "We are interested in raising awareness of foreigners, as well as our citizens, who use migration services, on legislation and applied procedures. As our analysis shows that in most cases foreigners violate the requirements of migration legislation because of the lack of information. For that reason they are brought to liability. There is a need for such a project in order to eliminate such cases and to make them feel more confident and informed. I consider that this program will be valuable in terms of SMS activity and availing myself of this opportunity I would like to express gratitude to the leadership of “ASAN Service” and “ASAN Radio” for supporting this initiative.

It should be noted that you can listen to the "Migration Service" program every Wednesday at 11:05. Questions from citizens will be accepted in the broadcast, as well.

Contacts: 012-56-56-100 (landline), 070-65-56-100 (whatsapp).

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