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Awareness raising event held on “State Migration Service: 11 years of service”

Lankaran Regional Migration Department held an awareness-raising event on "State Migration Service: 11 Years of Service" at Lankaran State University.

Authorial officers of the regional migration department gave detailed information on the services rendered by the State Migration Service, as well as attained achievements. They talked about the services provided for foreigners and stateless persons by SMS - registration upon the place of stay, rules of issuing permits for temporary and permanent residence, as well as work permits. It was noted that one of the cases when foreigners and stateless persons are issued with reside temporary residence permits in Azerbaijan  full time education in higher and technical education institutions and secondary schools of the country. It was trough into attention that according to the declared purpose of arrival, each foreigner must comply with the requirements of the legislation and legalize their stay and residence in the country.

At the meeting with teaching staff and students of the Lankaran State University, the discussions were held on measures taken against illegal migration and the legalization, significance of raising awareness of the participants of migration processes about the rights and obligations in preventing illegal migration. Liabilities envisaged by the Code of Administrative Offenses and recent changes in migration legislation of Republic of Azerbaijan about foreigners and stateless persons were explained at the meeting.

Detailed information was provided about the opportunities of “Electronic services” section of the official website of the Service. It was noted that 11 electronic services provided by SMS were integrated into the "Electronic government" portal. In its turn this ensures the efficiency, convenience and transparency of the services provided to citizens.

The participants listened with interest to the information about the conditions created for foreigners and stateless persons in our country, as well as services provided by the State Migration Service.

At the end the questions were answered.

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