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Measures in the frame of combating illegal migration are continued

7 Nepalese, 3 Indians and 1 citizen of Sri Lankan citizen were detained within the framework of measures conducted against illegal migration by State Migration Service.

During the investigation it was revealed that a person named Deepak in India, in cooperation with citizen of Ukraine Vladislav Kobil, organized travel of foreigners to Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, it was revealed that 3 citizens of India and 1 citizen of Sri Lanka applied to Deepak for travelling to Europe and he organized sending of those persons to Azerbaijan.

It became known that Deepak came to agreement with Vladislav Kobil in order to get permissions for temporary residence for the foreigners in our republic and took a large amount of money from them by promising them to send to Europe.

At the same time it was determined that Deepak promising to provide with jobs and sent 7 citizens of Nepal to Azerbaijan in exchange for a large amount of money.

As a result of the taken measures, the attempts of bringing foreigners to Azerbaijan and making them turn into illegal migrants, and organization of negative migration channel have been prevented.

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