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The information of State Migration Service

2 citizens of the Republic of India, 1 citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and 3 citizens of Nepal were detained within the framework of measures conducted against illegal migration by State Migration Service.

It was revealed that citizen of India, studying at preliminary courses of Western Caspian University in Baku city, Verma Dalip Kumar organized travel of foreigners to Azerbaijan and their accommodation using social networks through “Mops Tour and Travel” LLC, established by his compatriot Jagmeet Singh, and promised to provide them with permission cards for temporary residence.

Citizens of Nepal Kuldip Mahara, Mandal Santosh Kumar and Mandal Suraj Kumar contacted the coordinator in Azerbaijan Verma Dalip Kumar through that company. Deceiving citizens of Nepal through fraud, Verma Dalip Kumar promised to provide them with job in Azerbaijan and took from them 2500 US dollars at the initial stage.

Citizens of Nepal entered the country on January 17 of the current year, were received by Verma Dalip Kumar and placed in a rented apartment in Icheri Sheher. By getting permission cards for temporary residence to the mentioned foreigners, Verma Dalip Kumar promised to legalize their residence in Azerbaijan and said that he will organize massive immigration of citizens of Nepal to Azerbaijan through them.

Verma Dalip Kumar came to agreement with studied at Academy of Arts Ijaz Muhammad, citizen of Pakistan, paying him 200 manats monthly, to control citizens of Nepal and to provide them with food. Ijaz Muhammad lived together with the citizens of Nepal in the same house, registered them upon their place of stay and provided them with daily food.

As a result of taken measures, the attempts of the mentioned persons to bring citizens of Nepal to the Republic of Azerbaijan and turn them into illegal migrants and to organize negative migration channel have been prevented.

At the same time during conducted measures, 1 citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Azeez Olalekan Kareem, illegally residing on the territory of the country was detained. It became known that the foreigner is a carrier of a dangerous infectious disease, his administrative expulsion from the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan was ensured.

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