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Employees of State Migration Service held meeting at Gabala regional “ASAN service” center

A meeting was held at regional “ASAN service” center functioning in Gabala which is included in service area of Shaki Regional Migration Department of State Migration Service with the participation of the center employees and ASAN volunteers.

Detailed information was provided for the participants of the event on the activity of State Migration Service which was established in 2007, its functions, rules of labour activity of foreigners in the Republic of Azerbaijan, their involvement in labour, as well as electronic and online services of State Migration Service.

At “ASAN service” centers established to ensure citizens’ satisfaction and which is Azerbaijani brand the Service provides services such as issuance and extension of temporary and permanent residence permits for foreigners and stateless persons in our republic, issuance of work permits for their labour activity, as well as establishment of the person’s affiliation to the citizenship of Azerbaijan.

It was mentioned that the Service ensured online payment of fines and fees by foreigners and stateless persons, as well as Azerbaijani citizens since 2013. Last year in order to ensure fast track of foreigners and stateless persons, as well as to prevent the loss of resources and time, the Service organized free departure of persons who have been imposed with administrative fine by the Service immediately after completing the payment via “ASANPAY” payment system at border check points.

Terms of use of 11 e-services provided by the Service and integrated to “E-Government” portal was visually demonstrated via explanatory video instruction. It was underlined once again that thanks to possibilities created by e-services applications of citizens, as well as foreigners and stateless persons are already received electronically as well.   

At the end questions of participants were responded.

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