Call Center

Call Center started to function in State Migration Service since 2008 as Migration Information Center. Since 2010 has continued its work in three languages firstly as a section (Migration Information Section), then as a division (Migration Information Division). A number of measures have been taken since 2010 in order to improve the activity of division and organize its work, as well as works have been continued towards fully harmonizing with the requirements of “Rules of organizing activity of Call Centers at the State bodies” approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the Decision №50 dated from February 25, 2015. The name of Migration Information Center was changed to Call Center Division according to the Order No 49 of the Service chief dated from 29.04.2016.

            Call Center Division was established for the purpose of conducting analysis based on applications and to ensure citizens’ satisfaction in order to ensure rule of law, to investigate and respond applications objectively, to prevent acts of abuse, to improve its activity.

            Functions of Call Center Division includes responding questions (requests, including application about rendering online services) related with the activity of State Migration Service (about the competences of Service) directly or after investigation, rendering informational and consultative services, receiving and forwarding complaints (information and proposals).

            Main duties of Call Center Division are as follows:

- To participate in legal awareness raising activities in migration field;

- To receive phone calls made to the Service in Azerbaijani, English and Russian uninterruptedly within the working hours and to respond in accordance with the legislation;

- To inform persons who call  the Service about the rules on how to apply to migration bodies;

- To give information on the progress of their proposals, applications and complaints, as well as  electron application addressed to the migration bodies or if necessary, to direct the calls to the relevant structural units and subordinate bodies of the Service;

-  To give information about the required documents depending on applications when application is made to the migration bodies;

- To make proposals to the division chief on elimination of existing contradiction related with the application of migration legislation by analyzing calls made to the Service;

- To respond the received questions about administrative disciplinary measures applied by migration bodies;

- To provide the persons calling the Service with legal information about migration legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Phone calls to the Call Center Division are recorded and applicant is informed about it in advance.


Call Center Division uninterruptedly responds to the applications live within the working hours from 09:00 till 18:00.